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ИКБС Simply Gorgeous Shadow Dog
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Главная » 2016 » Июль » 25 » Блиц-тур в Варшаву | To Warsaw in 3 days
Блиц-тур в Варшаву | To Warsaw in 3 days

Когда мир смотреть хочется, а времени особо нет, приходится идти на компромиссы)) Так и мы, выкроив один лишний выходной, загрузились в нашу многострадальную Астру и рванули на Запад. Как результат - Шамрог понравился судье больше своих польских родственников, стал ЛПП, Чемпионом Польши и целых 4 раза выходил в Главный Ринг!

Not having a break from the World Dog Show, we went to a new adventure! I was glad to see my dear breeder Judyta and Beata Gnyp, who gave me my lovely Seamrog and participate in the CACIB in Warsaw. Here also was Seamrog's nephews from different side's - JBOB Rolling Stone Junior Shadow Dog, R.CACIB Fergus Forever&Ever Shadow Dog and BOS Nuala Smudge Shadow Dog, but as on WDS Seamrog again won Best of Breed title! Now he is Polish Champion!




We had easy, but still very long trip - more than 2500 km at all. Also border with EU was absolutely crazy - 4 hours from Belarus to Poland and 8 (8!!!!) hours on back trip...

But in Belarus we had a nice time :)

And in Warsaw on Dog Show - this was on Hippodrom - too

Here was not us - as people - day, but 100% here was Seamrog's day!

Left to right: BOB - Simply Gorgeous Shadow Dog, BOS - Nuala Smudge Shadow Dog, JBOB - Rolling Stone Junior Shadow Dog 

He had faboulous description from judge:

Translate:  Great example of the breed, very solid build and of great beauty both in static and movement. The dog does not deviate from the IRWS breed standard. Something like this can make proud breeder and owner, isn't? ;)

After this Seamrog was in Main Ring four times: in BIS Working Dog, BIS English Pointing Dog, Best In Group (was selected in TOP-6 from more than 15 breeds) and BIS Kennel Group - Kennel "Shadow Dog" - R.Best In Show Kennel!

It was nice meeting and lucky day. Hope to have new trip soon!

Line-Up in Best In Group. We was the single participants not from Poland, but all pedestal was booked for dogs from Warsaw :P

Shadow Dog - R.BIS Kennel. Left to right: Seamrog, Juniour, Fergus, Shadow.


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